Will a Richmond Squirrel Chew Through the Ceiling?

If the wood is within the reach of Richmond squirrels they will defiantly gnaw on it. Therefore, chewing through the ceiling is not hard for them. This can cause a lot of damage to the ceiling.

• Impacts of chewing through the ceiling
The wood will weaken as a result of California squirrels chewing through it, this will make the support of the house very vulnerable and it may fall at any time. Rotting of the wood will also because if they chew through the ceiling because the water leaks onto the wood from the rooftop hereafter. Wood that is rotting will not support the house anymore. Also, in rainy season, the roof will be left open and water will make its way into the house. This is a very big problem to be dealt with as it will lead more squirrels into the house. Following are some effective techniques to get rid of them without difficulties:

• Replace the damaged ceiling
This can be done in both ways (with the help of professions or by yourself personally). Replacing the wood of the ceiling that is damaged is not that easy but can be done but with the help of the correct professional it becomes easier and the damaged wood can easily be removed.

• Protecting the wood
Coating the Wood with material that will prevent the Richmond squirrels from chewing on it is very important. A mixture of black tan and a smelling liquid is very effective in such cases.

• Exclusion
One of the most effective thing that will prevent the squirrels from chewing through the house is Exclusion. Ensuring the Erection of the fences is very essential as it makes the penetration in the house very tough. Digging these fences deep in the ground is really important because at times the California squirrels dig under the fences to make their way to the house. Repeating the ceiling and closing all the possible entry points in the ceiling is very important after making sure that all the damage causing squirrels are gone as the result of the preventive measures of removal.

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